The Price for Twitter Followers Has Dropped in 2013

Twitter, one of the biggest social networks, has an underground market, which recently witnessed a significant decrease in prices concerning followers. Currently the price of a package containing 1,000 followers dropped almost 50 percent.

Barracuda Labs has been conducting researches associated with Twitter for a long time. Their fields of interest are the amounts of fake accounts and also prices of the artificial followers. The research conducted last year revealed that the price for 1,000 followers is $18, but this year’s investigation showed that it dropped to never seen lows and reaches only $11. This goes to show that the amount of fake accounts has significantly increased while the demand for them has not.

Despite the fact that the sales and prices have dropped, the selling operations of the accounts evolved. Currently the buyer can choose specific geographic regions from where the fake followers originate, in addition to that, the suppliers now provide some guarantees for their customers.

Recently Twitter and hired security companies have changed their tactics concerning the detection methods used to determine phony or malicious accounts. Unfortunately, the scammers also develop new complex methods in order to create credible accounts. As a result, fake accounts won’t disappear from the social network in the near future.

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