Google Redirect Virus Getting Bigger. How to Deal with this Infection?

Google Redirect Virus appeared in world wide web in early 2011. Since then it have caused a huge amount of problems for regular PC users and IT experts. Being complicated, Google Redirect Virus should be scanned with reputable Antivirus software, however in most cases the infection can be removed by using quality anti-spyware software.

Google Redirect Virus

Google Redirect Virus is a browser hijacker which aims at Google search engine results with a purpose to redirect people to bogus websites. If you’re infected, you may be redirected to porn websites, gambling websites with a lot of advertising banners, etc. Most often you might be pushed into purchasing something useless or reveal your bank account details. Therefore Google Redirect Virus a high-level threat and should be considered as a high-level threat. Please follow our ste-by-step removal guide for the infection.

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