CryptoLocker Virus Removal

CryptoLocker is an extremely malicious program categorized as ransomware. Once it infiltrates the computer it encrypts the data stored on the hard drive and demands ransom from the owners of the infected PCs. According to the developers of the CryptoLocker, paying the ransom is the only solution if the users want to regain access to the stored data. The amount of money, which has to be transferred, might vary from 500$ to $1500.


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CryptoLocker Brings Ransomware to the Next Level

There are a lot of malicious programs categorized as ransomware, but CryptoLocker stands out of them as one of the most dangerous. The working principles of CryptoLocker are very similar to its analogs. It infects the PC and restricts access to the stored data by encrypting the files, and if the victim wants to restore the access, he/she has to pay the ransom. A lot of the developers of ransomware implicate this type of scheme. Unfortunately, the creators of CryptoLocker took one additional step. They improved the strategy; As a result, once the computer is infected the victims only have 72 hours to pay the ransom which might vary from 100USD to 500USD. If the requested funds are not transferred in the given time, the locked files will be deleted.

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