New Skype Virus Hits Users

A new Skype virus has hit users this October. Like older ones, it spreads via malicious URLs in Skype. The infection process looks simple from the first glance, although it’s sophisticated enough.

Here’s how it works: a Skype user receives a message from his contacts saying ‘Hey, is this your Skype profile pic?’. If the link is clicked, a Skype user is suggested to download a file. Once it is executed, a trojan type virus infiltrates into your system and your computer is added to botnet. Botnet is used by cyber criminals to hack popular legitimate websites using DDOS attacks or to send spam letters¬†massively.

The new Skype virus spreads among users that use English, German or Russian languages. Remember, never trust any link sent to you, even though it came from your good friend. Always make sure that someone actually did send you the particular website link. Once you’re infected, malicious links are also sent to your contacts, thus spreading the infection in a high speed.