System Care Antivirus Removal Guide

System Care Antivirus is a fake antivirus application, a clone of AVASoft Antivirus Professional. Originated from Winwebsec malware family, this virus has inherited identical behavior and graphical interface from older versions. You may ask, whether System Care Antivirus remained dangerous? The answer is – absolutely YES.

The mentioned malware is very intrusive. It displays fake alert messages, prevents execution of legitimate software (including AV products), detects artificial infections in order to steal money from you. The original research declares that System Care Antivirus firstly attacked in United States on April 10th, by using a well known botnet from Ukraine.

System Care Antivirus GUI

How to recognize System Care Antivirus?

It’s simple. The biggest symptom is the blockage of any software that is installed on your PC, except Internet Explorer. However, you may find it difficult and annoying to browse webpages. This happens because System Care Antivirus hooks on your web browser and displays its’ warnings whenever you try to enter a website.

Other obvious symptom would be the “invented threats” and scanned objects. Take a look at the scanning process of System Care Antivirus.. You will easily find software applications that were scanned and marked as safe or not infected, but the funny part is that you do not have that software installed on your PC at all!

Please notice that System Care Antivirus is not able to actually provide protection for your computer. On the contrary, it is developed to steal money by using aggressive scare tactics.

How do I get rid of System Care Antivirus?

You may do it in two ways – automatic and manual. We recommend to choose the first one, but if you have some serious enough IT skills, you’re welcome to try a manual method. Be aware that any mistakes occurred during the manual removal process may lead your PC to permanent damage of the system. Whatever method you choose, please do not wait and remove the nasty infection from your computer ASAP..

System Care Antivirus Removal Guide

1. Open Internet Explorer
2. Type in address bar: and press Enter
3. Click on ‘Ignore warnings and visit that site in the current state (not recommended).‘ to bypass a fake alert

Step 1. In order to detect and remove Qone8, download SpyHunter anti-spyware software


Windows XP/Vista/7/8, Internet Explorer 6.0 or later

Read more about SpyHunter EULA

Step 2. Click Run or Open and install the application by following the on-screen instructions (How to Install)

Step 3. SpyHunter will automatically scan and detect threats

Step 4. After scanning, click Fix Threats button

Learn more about SpyHunter

Note: download size is 0.7 MB. Trial version offers an unlimited number of scans and detections for free. You can remove detected files, processes and registry entries yourself or purchase a full version for 39.99 USD.

IT Expert? Try Manual Removal System Care Antivirus

Important Note: System Care Antivirus can be removed manually, however any mistakes can lead your PC to permanent damage of the system. Therefore a manual removal process is highly recommended for IT experts and system administrators. For regular users, team recommends using SpyHunter or any other reputable security application.

Follow these instructions at your own risk:

1. Use Process Explorer to kill the malicious processes of the infection. Please notice that the mentioned Microsoft utility functions in the same way as TaskManager.

2. Delete malicious registry entries by using RegistryEditor. You can run it by typing “regedit” in Start –> Run.

HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRunOnce <random numbers and characters>

3. Stop System Care Antivirus processes:
[32 symbols].exe

4. Remove the following malicious files and folders from your system:

%ProgramData%<random numbers and chars>
%ProgramData%<random numbers and chars><random numbers and chars>
%ProgramData%<random numbers and chars><random numbers and chars>.exe
%ProgramData%<random numbers and chars>diskav.exe
%ProgramData%<random numbers and chars><random numbers and chars>.ico

Invented threats of System Care Antivirus
System Care Antivirus founded threats

Blockage of legitimate software
System Care Antivirus firewall alert

Scam purchase website
System Care Antivirus purchase page



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