Google Redirect Virus

Google Redirect Virus is a rootkit infection which main function is to redirect you to not related websites, once you click a search result link. Also  Google Redirect Virus performs secondary functions that include payloads of malicious applications or creating a backdoor in your computer. Google Redirect Virus is caused by different types of the infamous TDSS Rootkit, also known as Tidserv, Alureon and others.

Google Redirect Virus redirects search result links so you end up visiting web sites related to the threat’s creators, but it’s only a tip of the iceberg. According to security software vendor Sophos, this infection hides itself using sophisticated rootkit technology, displays advertisements, and opens a backdoor that further compromises the affected system’s security.

Google Redirect Virus is designed to make money online generating web traffic and collecting sales leads for adjective websites, thus trying to convince a victim to purchase useless software. If those doesn’t help, Google Redirect Virus may download to your PC malicious and misleading software that causes a bunch of troubles.

For best removal process we advise you to try free anti-rootkit utility from Kaspersky – TDSSKiller.

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