CouponAmazing Adware Removal

CouponAmazing is an adware which presents the user with coupons and other commercial material. This application is most active when users are visiting eBay, Amazon, Feelunique and other online shopping webpages. The presented coupons contain info about shopping prices and discounts. Although, CouponAmazing might look like a beneficial program, in reality it is not. It will become annoying very quickly; furthermore some additional issues might emerge due to this adware. Unfortunately, due to the fact that the provided services are very attractive to most of the users, CouponAmazing is a widely spread adware.


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Remove Virus (Fix Guide) is a malicious app classified as a browser hijacker. This application is distributed together with various freeware as an additional install. When computer is infected with this app, internet browser’s homepage and default search engine will be changed to The latter domain is a suspicious search engine, which search results are filled with ads and sponsored links. This search engine was created in order to promote specific domains. hijack

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Qone8 Virus Removal (Uninstall Guide)

Qone8, also known as, is a dangerous redirection virus and browser hijacker that changes your browser homepage, default search engine and causes browsing redirects.


Once installed, Qone8 modifies your DNS settings and hijacks main browsers, such as Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. That results in continuous redirections to domain

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Remove Certified Toolbar Search

Certified Toolbar Search, also known as is a browser hijacker that changes your browser homepage, default search engine and causes browsing redirects.

Certified Toolbar

Once installed, Certified Toolbar alters DNS settings and hijacks main browsers, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla and Internet Explorer. That results in continuous redirections to domain

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Remove iWin Toolbar from Your Browser

iWin Toolbar is a malicious program categorized as a browser hijacker. It is usually distributed using freeware. When this application infects the PC your browser’s default search engine will be set to iWin3 Customized Web Search, whereas the homepage will be changed to Furthermore, iWin Community Toolbar will appear in your browser.

iWin Toolbar malware

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Remove Antivirus Security Pro (Uninstall Guide)

Rogue.WinWebSec family is a batch of programs which are all classified as rogue anti-spyware software. The Antivirus Security Pro app is also one of those programs. To put it simple, the application is just a fake computer scan. Once it is installed on the system, the fake antivirus program will perform a PC scan. The scan results will be frightening. According to them, your computer is filled with a variety of malicious programs. Moreover, all other legitimate security programs will be disabled, and you will not be able to run them. The Antivirus Security Pro application is distributed using either corrupted webpages or websites which offer users to perform an online computer scan. After the scan is completed, the user will be presented with adulterated results, stating that the computer is infected. Of course, Antivirus Security Pro will be presented as a solution to those problems.

Antivirus Security Pro

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“Browse to Save” Adware Removal

“Browse to Save” is an adware which attacks internet browsers. It finds the default browser of the computer and hijacks it. After “Browse to Save” infiltrates the system it will present all kinds of advertisements, pop-ups and coupons during internet browsing, which will be promoting all sorts of products and services. As a result, internet browsing becomes an annoying task.

“Browse to Save” promotes the material by displaying underlined keywords in webpages’ text or presenting the user with boxed notifications. If the user is lured into clicking on those underlined words, a commercial notification will show up. Have in mind that all the ads which are presented to you by “Browse to Save” will have their logo or name attached.

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Mixi.DJ Search Virus Removal

Mixi.DJ Toolbar (a.k.a. Mixi.DJ Search) is annoying browser and desktop app. It is designed to create your own and follow your friends‘ playlists. The program is usually bundled with freeware such as Active ISO burner so it often reaches the PC unexpectedly. Once the software is installed the layout of Youtube, Facebook and some other websites is changed. Most of the times, this program ends up in the PC because the users are not careful enough. In order to avoid such problems always be aware what kind of software you are about to install. Furthermore, take notice what additional programs are packed with the desired application. These simple checks will allow you to avoid many problems in the future.

MixiDJ Hijacker

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New Linux ‘Hand of Thief’ Trojan Appears

A new Trojan is on its way. Its name is Hand of Thief, and it will attack computers running on Linux operating system. Although the virus is only available on the Russian black market, it is expected that this situation will change in the future. The Trojan currently costs 2,000 USD, but it is predicted that the price will reach 3,000 USD once the development will be over. Furthermore, any updates of the Trojan will cost additional 550 USD.

Limor Kessem, security expert at RSA’s FraudAction research lab, released a statement on Wednesday. He claimed that the team of researchers from RSA has found out the server-side source code of the malware. This was achieved by performing reverse-engineering on the Trojan.

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KINS Banking Trojan

Due to recent events, which saw the fall of Citadel and other major banking Trojans, a new virus is eagerly awaited by the criminals. According to the information available on the underground forums, such project would surely be financed.

Investigators from RSA’s FraudAction Research Lab reported that the criminals will finance the development of new virus if it meets specific criteria. First of all, the virus should be available for purchase. Secondly, it should be easy to use. Finally, if some problems concerning the virus do happen, criminals should be provided with technical support from the developers. The investigators discovered a new virus called KINS which according to them is very attractive to the criminals.

KINS has become available for purchase just recently. The virus is very similar to its predecessors such as SpyEye, Zeus and especially Citadel. Due to the similarities to the latter virus, the hunt for the KINS developers followed, but it was a short-lasting campaign. Nevertheless, the developers always claimed that this is not a modification of previous viruses, but a completely new project.

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