Microsoft Fights Against Software Piracy Worldwide

Microsoft is fighting viciously against their own software piracy world wide, so it doesn’t matter where the counterfeiters are from the company will still be after them.

2012 saw Microsoft settle thirty-five piracy cases in the United States alone, and more than three thousand cases in 42 different countries world wide. Furthermore, between the summer of 2011 and the spring of 2012 Microsoft requested Google to eliminate about two and a half million URLs, because they allegedly used copyrighted or pirated software, thus becoming the company who made the biggest amount of take down requests to Google. Microsoft Cybercrime Center also released a statement concerning the damage piracy does. It claimed that software counterfeiting results in slower economic growth globally and locally, it also reduces the need for innovation and negatively impacts the development of new software.

Microsoft is thankful to its customers as 450,000 of them reported pirated software to the corporation since 2005. The users usually report fake software after they find malicious applications such as viruses in the products they bought or encounter difficulties running the programs. They remain the helping hand in starting law suits against the counterfeiting companies for a long time now.

One of the biggest cases this year was against a company from Asia called Ningbo Beyond Group. Microsoft claimed that the company was involved in counterfeiting Windows Server, Office, Visual studio software.

Earlier this year, Microsoft conducted a research about pirated software. It revealed that one third of all software available on the market is fake. Furthermore, as the supply is filled with illegal programs, a lot of user don’t realize that they are using pirated or counterfeit software.

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