Matthew Weaver Gets Year in Prison

Matthew Weaver a student from Huntington Beach, Calif,  was plead guilty and will face one year imprisonment. He implicated keystroke loggers to steal student log-in information, in order to use it for upcoming elections in the California State University San Marcos (CSUSM).

The former student managed to steal credentials belonging to approximately 750 students. His goal was to become the president of the CSUSM student government. Unfortunately to him, university’s IT specialist discovered suspicious activity in the network and managed to catch Matthew Weaver red-handed. Matthew Weaver asked for probation, but U.S. District Court Judge denied the request, stating that the former student gave an example of “phenomenal misjudgment” while trying to falsify the election.

Some sources claim that the convict tried to present this whole story as a setup. He created fake social network accounts and fabricated online conversations in order to present himself as innocent. This did not help him at all because the former student didn’t manage to fool the court. According to judge these actions only worsened the situation for Matthew Weaver.

The investigation carried by law enforcement organizations revealed that the ex-student was planning this scam for months. Matthew Weaver was not working alone. He had partners who belonged to the same fraternity. The ex-student promised that he would make them vice presidents. Matthew Weaver even made documents concerning the amount of money that would be acquired if everything went according to the plan. Furthermore, in Weaver’s computer officers found the three keyloggers which were used for the scam.

The former student managed to use 630 credentials out of 750 which were stolen. The criminal activity was noticed only on the last day of elections, when the CSUSM’s IT specialists saw suspicious flow of votes. Furthermore, other students started complaining that they could not cast their vote. The election results were conceded as void. The judge’s verdict was that Matthew Weaver was guilty of identity theft, unauthorized access of computer and wire fraud. The student will spend one year imprisonment.

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