Investigation of Stuxnet Leak Leads to US Marine General

Recently a former U.S Marine general has been alleged for leaking information about the Stuxnet to the New York Times. The suspects name is Jame ‘Hoss’ Cartwright. He is a four star general, who was the second-highest ranking U.S officer in the past. He retired in 2011. The investigation which began a year ago lasts until now. The general is thought to be the source of information about the ‘Olympic Games’, which is a code name of the operation involving the Stuxnet virus. The project started during the presidency of George W. Bush and lasted under Barack Obama too. Furthermore, Israel were also involved in this operation.

Although the code used in the Stuxnet virus was being examined for a long time, little was known about the creators. The fact that the developers behind the Stuxnet project are U.S and Israel was revealed only on June 1, 2012. A reporter David Sanger released an article quoting unknown source which unraveled the truth by claiming that the organizations that developed the virus for the destruction of the Iranian nuclear program were NSA and Unit 8200 (Israel’s intelligence unit which is responsible for code decryption and collecting signal intelligence).

Although there was a harsh reaction from president Obama and a few Congressmen, no one really believed that actual measures will be taken against the source due to the upcoming elections.

Despite the odds an investigation involving general Cartwright has started. But yet again no one expects that he will be damned by the public or the media, a real sentence from the court is also very unlikely. While Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning are proclaimed public enemies and a threat for the national security (they are responsible for NSA spying scandal and Wikileaks scandal respectively), general Cartwright might escape real punishment. Currently the Justice Department is debating whether it will charge Cartwright.

The real circumstances of how general Cartwright was traced are unknown. Although it is believed that a combined operation by Justice Department and FBI was carried out in May. During the investigation email and phone logs from the Defense department, White House and other government institutions associated with intelligence were examined looking for any contact with the New York Times reporter David Sanger.

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