Hackers Accessed Ubisoft Sensitive Data

Due to security breaches in one of the Ubisoft websites, hackers managed to get unauthorized access to sensitive data and steal it. As a result, last week Ubisoft made a statement in the official forum that users must create new passwords in order to protect their information.

The hackers managed to intrude Ubisoft’s account servers and steal email addresses, encrypted passwords and user names. Fortunately, the company stated that data concerning payment card information or other personal information such as phone numbers or physical addresses, is stored in servers owned by a third party and was not stolen during the attack.

The public statement also noted that it is possible to break the encrypted passwords, although it’s a time consuming task for the criminals. As a result, Ubisoft recommended the users to change their passwords immediately. Furthermore, it would be even better if the users changed the log in passwords used for other websites or services if they are identical to the stolen ones. Ubsisoft also declared that the hackers intruded the network using stolen credentials. This remains the only information concerning the attack itself which was revealed to public.

The company urged to calm the public by claiming that they instantly took appropriate measures to prevent from further data loss. Moreover, Ubisoft states that an investigation has begun which involves not only company’s representatives but also law enforcement organizations. Currently they are trying to restore the security levels and bring the whole system to previous condition.

Unfortunately, attacks against gaming websites or their servers is becoming common in the recent years. The biggest of which was against PlayStation. The huge attack took place in 2011, affecting around 100 million users around the world and resulting in fining of the Sony itself for poor handling of private data. Furthermore, Blizzard, a well known gaming company, has been found guilty for mishandling of user data as well, because the attack against the company resulted in loss of hashed passwords, email addresses and other private data. Finally, recent attacks involved data loss associated with users who play games such as The War Z and Borderlands 2.

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