Gottfrid Svartholm sentenced to two years

Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, one of the creators of the file sharing website called Pirate Bay, was sentenced to two years in jail on Thursday. He was pledged guilty for hacking into computers at an organization that works for Swedish authorities and for making illegal money transactions.

The court described hacking as sophisticated and very extensive and claimed that sensitive systems were damaged. Although, convict himself denied the charges. Swedish court had already convicted him for internet piracy in 2009, but the hacker managed to hide in Cambodia until last year. After the extradition to Sweden Gottfrid Svartholm Warg had to do a one-year sentence for previous crimes, furthermore he also had to face the court for the new ones.

According to the prosecutor, Warg in several attempts tried to transfer a total amount of 915,500 dollars (which equals to 683,000 euros), although only 4,300 dollars were successfully transferred. Furthermore, Logica, a multinational IT and management consultancy company, was also damaged. Finally, hacker managed to get information about several people with protected identities. Pirate bay was established in 2003, but it’s real problems with law enforcement organizations began in 2009. That year Swedish court sentenced three co-founders of the website, Warg was among them, for copyright breaching in a case which involved such giants as Sony Universal Music and EMI.

Currently the website is controlled by unknown people, and its servers are located somewhere in Sint Maarten, Caribbean island, which belongs to the Netherlands. Despite the ongoing efforts to shut down Pirate Bay it is still working and providing sources for movie and music files.

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