FBI Ransomware Attacks Mac Users

Mac OS X users are now facing the same problems which were troubling Windows OS users for a long time. Recently, a new strain of ransomware has appeared which attacks Safari users. This malicious program was discovered by security firm called Malwarebytes. The malware blocks the computer, until a certain amount of money is paid.

Jerome Segura, who is a senior security researcher at Malwarebytes, reported that the infection reaches the computer after visiting corrupted websites. When the malware infiltrates the system it hijacks Safari Browser. Then a fake FBI notification appears on the screen.

The warning message claims that the user committed crimes such as illegal distribution of copyrighted material and pornography or gained illegal access to some sort of databases. The design of the notification looks credible, thus a lot of people are fooled. Although, sometimes the warning message only states that the computer is infected with certain malware, and transfer of funds is needed in order to remove the malicious program. The criminals require a transfer of 300 U.S. dollars via MoneyPak or Green Dot vouchers.

Malwarebytes state that users should not make the money any transaction. Furthermore, they shouldn’t “force quit” the website containing the fake warning too because due to the auto-restore feature the website will appear again every time the internet browser is launched. The best solution is to rest the Safari browser. Users can do this by clicking on the “Safari” tab on the navigation bar, and then opting for “reset safari” feature. Before hitting the “Reset”, they should be certain that all of the boxes are checked.

The users might find their computer infected after searching for popular search terms, such as Michael Jackson. They users visit the site which supposedly contains information about him, but little do they know that, at the same time,  the browser is being infected with malware. Unfortunately, it is still unknown how wide the virus managed to spread.

For a long time, Mac users were safe as this kind of malware did not attack them. In 2010 first proof-of-concept ransomware code was developed which targeted Mac OS X. This indicates that just like the Windows users, people who use Mac OS should  be concerned about the safety of their computers.

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