EU Increased Penalties for Hackers

Prison sentences for committing crimes, which involve hacking, cyber attacks and exploiting data breaches have been prolonged by the EU. The decision was made after 541 members of the EU Parliament voted for the new agreement. The list of crimes which had their sentences increased include illegal access to information systems, cyber attacks against important infrastructure, for example, transportation networks, river dams or power plants.

The members of EU have decided that the most severe crimes are the ones which affect countries’ infrastructure networks and include stealing important data from servers or other computer systems.The sentences have increased for illegal interception of communications as well as the development of tools for this purpose. These new laws will be also applied to the companies which hire criminals to steal information or use the mentioned tools.

After the vote in the EU parliament, the member countries have two years to apply those changes in the national law systems, thus changing the current penalties which lasts up to 5 years at most. Only Denmark refused to make any changes and stated that it will stay with current sentences. In the 2011, the members EU also agreed to tighten the penalties for cyber crime. Furthermore, the union introduced new punishments for the developers of botnets.

U.S. Is also facing similar problems and is releasing new laws concerning cyber crime. For example, House of Representatives Intelligence Committee presented a brand new cybertheft law earlier this summer. The purpose of the new law is to fight against hackers from abroad. Furthermore, a few members of U.S. Senate proposed a comparable bill named the “Deter Cyber Theft Act”, in order to prevent commercial data from foreign countries and hackers.

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