Data of 35K Konami Gamers Has Been Leaked

Konami is another popular Japanese video game company, which was attacked. Information belonging to thousands of gamers was exposed due to the hack. In fact, a website owned by the company, Konami ID, reported that the recent attacks affected 35,000 users. These events greatly resemble the attacks against Nintendo.  Few days ago the gaming giant also suffered serious damage due to a security breach exploited by hackers.

The attacks against Konami lasted few weeks. Between June 13 and July 7, hackers conducted 3,945,927 login attempts to the website using stolen passwords and usernames, unfortunately, 35,252 of them were successful. Furthermore, Konami took notice of the events only on July 8 as only then they managed to discover a massive amount of access errors, which indicated that there might be a problem.

The login information leaked not form the Konami itself, but from a third party, which provides storage service for the company. Whether it was the same storage provider which was unable to protect Nintendo’s data, still remains unknown.

It is reported that private information including physical and email addresses, date of birth, names, and telephone numbers might have been exposed due to the hack. Unfortunately, it is still unknown whether any financial data was lost although, though Konami states that none of the stolen accounts were used for activities involving sites paid services. Furthermore, according to the company’s report, none of the exposed data such as usernames or passwords were changed.

In the light of recent events Konami claims that they have already improved their sites security. Furthermore, they took measures that none of the stolen information could be used for logins in the future. Currently, members of the webpage are advised to change their passwords, especially if it is completely the same to the ones used for other logins.

The company’s most famous games include Silent Hill, Metal Gear Solid, and the good old Frogger and Contra. It is also famous for the Konami Code: Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A. Currently the company’s offices in USA are located in El Segundo, Calif.

The recent attacks against Nintendo had even greater scale. In a month’s period,  the hackers managed to conduct, mind blowing, 15 million login attempts. The usernames and passwords used in the attacks were also acquired from a third party who provides storage service for the Nintendo owned website. It still remains unclear whether these attacks were performed by the same organization.

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