CryptoLocker clone TorrentLocker has been discovered

According to IT professionals, a new malicious program similar to CryptoLocker has appeared. iSIGHT, the company which discovered this nasty program, called it TorrentLocker. According to them, TorrentLocker has many differences at the code level compared with the Cryptolocker, although the newly made program is equipped with components which could be found both in CryptoLocker and CryptoWall. For example, the ransom message presented by TorrentLocker is very similar to the CryptoLocker’s one  and the whole ransom page looks like the one displayed by CryptoWall. The malicious program is distributed using spam.

TorrentLocker is targeting the Australian users only. The demanded ransom is presented in Australian dollars, whereas the links provided by the malicious program direct the user to Australian Bitcoin purchasing sites.

Fortunately, TorrentLocker is still unavailable to purchase in the black market.

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