SearchMe Toolbar Removal (Fix Guide)

SearchMe Toolbar is a dangerous program classified as a browser hijacker. Just like most of the applications of this type, SearchMe Toolbar is usually distributed bundled with freeware. Once the PC is infected with this browser hijacker some internet browser’s settings will be changed. First of all, will be selected as your homepage. Secondly, the default search engine will be set to SearchMe Customized Web Search.

The promoted search engine is useless. The presented search results are filled with sponsored links, and the whole website is loaded with ads. Moreover, the domain has the capabilities to gather search terms from the search queries. SearchMe Toolbar was developed to boost advertising revenue, and to increase page rankings of certain websites in the search results.

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Remove iWin Toolbar from Your Browser

iWin Toolbar is a malicious program categorized as a browser hijacker. It is usually distributed using freeware. When this application infects the PC your browser’s default search engine will be set to iWin3 Customized Web Search, whereas the homepage will be changed to Furthermore, iWin Community Toolbar will appear in your browser.

iWin Toolbar malware

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