AntiVirus Plus 2014 Removal Guide

AntiVirus Plus 2014 is a rogue antivirus program. It doesn‘t protect your PC. In fact,  the program itself is a threat to your safety. From the first system scan,  AntiVirus Plus 2014 will start providing false scan reports. The fake antivirus program will claim that the computer is filled with various malware, and as a result, the only solution is to buy the full version of the program. Although these claims may seem believable, users should be aware that scan results presented by AntiVirus Plus 2014 are completely false as it is a malicious program itself.

Antivirus Plus 2014

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Remove Antivirus Security Pro (Uninstall Guide)

Rogue.WinWebSec family is a batch of programs which are all classified as rogue anti-spyware software. The Antivirus Security Pro app is also one of those programs. To put it simple, the application is just a fake computer scan. Once it is installed on the system, the fake antivirus program will perform a PC scan. The scan results will be frightening. According to them, your computer is filled with a variety of malicious programs. Moreover, all other legitimate security programs will be disabled, and you will not be able to run them. The Antivirus Security Pro application is distributed using either corrupted webpages or websites which offer users to perform an online computer scan. After the scan is completed, the user will be presented with adulterated results, stating that the computer is infected. Of course, Antivirus Security Pro will be presented as a solution to those problems.

Antivirus Security Pro

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System Care Antivirus Removal Guide

System Care Antivirus is a fake antivirus application, a clone of AVASoft Antivirus Professional. Originated from Winwebsec malware family, this virus has inherited identical behavior and graphical interface from older versions. You may ask, whether System Care Antivirus remained dangerous? The answer is – absolutely YES.

The mentioned malware is very intrusive. It displays fake alert messages, prevents execution of legitimate software (including AV products), detects artificial infections in order to steal money from you. The original research declares that System Care Antivirus firstly attacked in United States on April 10th, by using a well known botnet from Ukraine.

System Care Antivirus GUI

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Remove AVASoft Antivirus Professional (Removal Guide)

AVASoft Antivirus Professional is a fake antivirus software that displays fake alert messages, prevents execution of legitimate programs and detects bogus infections in order to swindle money from computer users. Also known as AVASoft Professional Antivirus, this scam is the latest clone of Disk Antivirus Professional, and first appeared in France a few days ago. The infection comes from Winwebsec rogue family as usual.

Please be aware that AVASoft Antivirus Professional is not able to actually provide any protection for your PC. On the contrary, it is developed to steal money by using simple scare tactics. You may recognize this infection by the following symptoms:

  1. Installs itself silently or via various downloads, such as fake flash updates or codecs
  2. Pop-ups on your desktop and blocks any other software from running
  3. Performs a bogus scan and reports about invented viruses and other security problems
  4. Aggressively offers to purchase its licensed version to remove the founded threats

AVASoft Antivirus Professional GUI

The mentioned fake antivirus displays a huge amount of fake alerts in system tray stating that your computer is extremely infected by trojans, backdoors, rootkits or worms. Please be noticed that all these hazardous alerts have only one purpose – to trick you into purchasing the full version of AVASoft Antivirus Professional.

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New Winwebsec Clone Strikes – AVASoft Antivirus Professional Malware

AVASoft Antivirus Professional is the newest clone of previously active rogue anti-spyware called Disk Antivirus Professional. Malware researchers discovered this infection on March 18th in one of French social website which was temporarily hacked by cyber criminals.

AVASoft Antivirus Professional GUI

As described in internet safety community, AVASoft Antivirus Professional belongs to Winwebsec malware family and has an identical behavior like previous version. One of malware research team provides an useful and simple removal guide, by following it you will get rid of the infection in a few minutes. The mentioned guide can be found here.

New Fake AV Disguised as PC Defender Plus. How to Remove it?

At first glance PC Defender Plus may look like a genuine PC protection tool that offers all necessary features that a real anti-virus program would, thus making it more credible. PC Defender Plus is able to infect your system even though the current protection application is on. If not revealed and removed, PC Defender Plus produces a bogus PC scan procedure and hundreds of fake protection statements, all trying to convince a PC user to buy its full edition, purportedly capacitated to wipe out all type of harmful threats.

PC Defender Plus

Having your computer not secured by powerful, up-to-date security software, enables harmful applications to infiltrate your PC via downloads, bogus video codecs and similar ways. The infection is set up without your approval. After the set up PC Defender Plus is self-configured to launch on every system startup automatically.

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How to Remove File Restore Virus. Video Guide

File Restore is a malicious anti-spyware software that was designed by cyber criminals with intention to steal money from PC users. This infection comes from well known FakeHDD programs family and is the latest clone of File Recovery. File Restore imitates functions of system optimization tool, however the program itself is not able to perform any useful actions.

File Restore Virus

File Restore virus gets inside the PC using various Trojan viruses infiltrates the rogue application without any notice of the user. The application performs a bogus scan and reports about huge amount of system errors that don’t exist on your machine in reality.

Remove File Restore bogus software from your machine by following our removal guide.

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