Carberp Trojan Source Code Has Been Leaked

Recently a source code for the Carberp Trojan, which is worth around $40,000, has leaked and is now available for free. The source of the leak is a certain underground forum. This situation resembles the one concerning Zeus Trojan, which code leaked few years ago. It resulted in the creation of new similar viruses. Investigators are concerned that recent events might also end up with the same scenario.

The source code of Carberp leaked last week. The first published file containing the virus was protected with password, but on Monday the password itself was also presented in the forums. This allowed everyone including the researchers to access the file. Previously the trojan was used as a private crimeware kit by a group of criminals from Russia. Following the arrests of some members of the gang in 2012 the Carberp Trojan was offered to the internet community for a staggering $40,000 price.

Carbper Trojan was solely available for the criminal elite as only a few frauds could afford such price. It is a crimeware kit developed for gathering large amounts of sensitive data from infected computers. Carbper is a very powerful tool and having in mind that it is now freely available it became one of the most desired viruses for the criminals. The trojan is capable of detecting and disabling antivirus software; furthermore, it can do the same to other malware on the device. Newer versions of the trojan have a feature called bootkit. They infect computers at the lowest level and persist there.

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