is a team of technology geeks that specializes in internet security field. We analyze various types of threats and help people to fight against malware, providing the newest information and security trends.

A sad fact to know – approximately 87% of computers (with Windows OS) are weakly protected and may be infected with any type of malware. Every day we analyze the newest threats that appear in world wide web and create customized removal guides that helps you to make your computer safer and faster.

Let’s fight against bad guys together!


  1. Thea

    At first I would like to say; sorry for my bad english. Hope you can look pass it and help me with my problem instead.
    I tried to download Photscape last night, like I’ve done before without any troubles, but this time it came with the “sweet-Page” virus. I’ve allready tried your guide on how to remove it, but it doesn’t work. Do i need to restart my computer, like totally clean it for everything, so its like new again or what should I do?

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